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Yoga for Self Healing website is designed by Deb Newton


as a resource for all those who realize that to heal is to become the very best that we can be, with conscious effort, or volitional action.  Everyone's 'best that they can be' looks differently because we are all unique in our experiences, upbringing, karma, beliefs, ect.  Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is the union of the different states of consciousness that lies within our whole being. We can use the  physical postures to transcend the body, to experience our world from different levels of consciousness, including our spiritual body. Yoga uses the practice of mindfulness and meditation to be able to see the different aspects of ourselves and to be able to heal those aspects of self that are not inline with universal consciousness or God consciousness. 


Isn't self healing being selfish?

I don't thinks so. We are all part of a whole. Or you might say we are all God's children. Every part of the whole effects the whole. Each child effects the family unit. There is only one person that you truly have control over and that is you. When you heal your own hurts and uncover your light, this light shines on everyone. When you are conscious of your own proclivities and put in great effort to evolve and grow, you have so much more compassion and generousity of spirit in helping others evolve and grow, and become the very best they can be.

In a different context: Put on your own oxygen mask first, then you can see clearly what needs to be done to help others.

About Deb


I have been teaching Hatha Yoga and meditation since 2008 in Central MN, mainly Ogilvie, Mora and Isle locations. I studied with The Temple of Kriya yoga for approximately 3 years certifying in their 200 hour Hatha Yoga program. Then I studied with Rod Stryker for about 4 years, learning much about the energetics of postures, pranayama (breath control) and meditation through Tantra Yoga. Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, and Tantra Yoga are similar in that they use techniques and conscious or volitional action to ready our body, our mind and our spiritual light for God consciousness or supreme bliss. Ananda is the sanskrit word for bliss. The bliss that we get from aligning ourselves with universal Truth. As I was studying Tantra, I also studied and certified in Thai Massage. My study from there went into the study of life in my community. With that study, I am learning how I can best serve and bring happiness in my community. And then in the fall of 2019 I enrolled in the Kriya Yoga Seminary. These further studies have taken me on a path to serve my community through Santosha Recovery, Spiritual Guidance, performing House Blessings, Weddings and other priestly rituals. I will be ordained as a Swami/Priest of the Kriya Path in April of 2022. 


  • Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200 Naitional Yoga Alliance

  • Thai Yoga Practioner, Tanya Boigenzahn Sowards

  • Reiki Master

  • Y12SR Certificate of Online training


  • Ongoing training  Meditation/Yoga

  • Ongoing training for Thai Massage

  • Ongoing training for Somatics

Further Studies:

  • Currently enrolled in  The Temple of Kriya Yoga Seminary Program

Why am I here?

My souls desire is to evolve. To gain freedom from limiting beliefs that cause unhappiness and selfish acts. When you begin to heal these beliefs or karmic patterning's, you become free of the bonds of ignorance and the stream of your life will flow into the river of goodness or, the river of Godness. That is my grandiose path of evolution to attain wisdom and bliss. My service to my community is to help anyone to attain their full potential where they are on their path. We do not have to be on the same path, if the resourses I offer help you, I am honored to support your path. 

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