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Just as I have been gifted the abundance of life through the teachings and techniques of Kriya Yoga,

I wish to offer these teachings up to you.  


In September of 2019, I enrolled in the Kriya Yoga Seminary from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago Illinois. For 2+ years I studied Kriya yoga philosophy and various other philosophies and religions. The program also deepened my own practice and during this heightened time of self awareness, it was revealed to me that the methods that I used to recover from my alcohol addiction of 25 years were methods of Kriya Yoga. There is a word in Sanskrit; Dharma, which means purpose, responsibility or duty. Our dharma changes with different stages of our time on Earth. It can make life very simple if we know our dharma. When we know our dharma we know where to focus our energies. My dharma at this time in my life was brought forth to me during the seminary studies. It is very clear to me that my dharma lies in sharing the teachings and methods of Kriya Yoga, to those who wish to expand their self-awareness and heal from the inside. And to share the very same teachings and methods that allowed me to heal my addiction of 25 years. So, in the fall of 2021 Santosha Recovery came into fruition. Santosha Recovery is a program that will provide weekly meetings, free to whoever wants to attend, rich in Kriya Yoga teachings and techniques that will help soften the attitudes and karma of addictions and also build enough self-awareness and self-esteem for seekers to find peacefulness and contentedness in their lives. Although the program is written with addictions in mind, the program exists for anybody seeking to enrich their lives. So please check out the SR website for Yogic teachings and methods. Santosha Recovery is a 501(c)(3) and is listed under micro donators such as Amazon Smile. Please consider signing up with a micro donator to have funds donated to Santosha Recovery or donate through the Santosha Recovery website. Access to the website is a click away by clicking on the SR Logo below. 

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