Yoga Classes

I teach at several different locations in the East Central Minnesota Area. See below for list of classes. Classes are anywhere from 45 minutes long for chair yoga and aqua yoga, to 75 minutes long for the On the mat, hatha yoga classes. Each class starts with body awareness and then moves into asana practice to open up and enhance prana or life force energy throughout our bodies and minds. The asana practice ends with Savasana which is a totally passive posture used to integrate our practice and then we move on to a guided pranayama and or meditation. My hopes for each yoga class is to help my students be present with their bodies, mind and their spirits during class so they can then, walk upon this earth acting consciously and harmoniously with one another, with all of life, and with all of nature! Yoga is a science. It says that if you do this, then this will happen. If you can tune in to the needs of your body, mind and spirit through yoga or any other modality, then you will soon find yourself actively and consciously tuning in to the needs of others, of life, and of Mother Earth. What a groovy world this would be if we lived life intuitively and in the flow!

Class prices are $5 for the Chair Yoga Classes and the price for the 75 minutes classes are $48 for six week session or $12 drop-in.


Gentle Chair Yoga

This yoga class is open to anyone of any age and is fabulous for those who need a very gentle class to strengthen and gain flexibility and balance. This 45 minute gentle yoga class uses the aide of chairs in our poses. Some of the physical postures will be done seated in chairs and other postures will be done standing with our chairs nearby for support. In each class, we will work on stretching, strengthening, and relaxation. In this class we will discuss what challenges you face and we will work on those challenges together. Each class ends in restorative and relaxation, sitting in a chair and may include a short meditaion.

Mondays at 10-10;45 AM Isle Studio

Tuesdays at 3:15 PM Public Services Building East Highway 23

Recorded Classes 2020

Wow! We live in ever changing times. I have recorded some classes for yogi enthusiasts or want to be yoga enthusiasts, to enjoy and partake in. These classes are free, all you need to do is click on the white link and your recording should be view-able. As the internet is getting plenty of use these days, I suggest you download these recordings to your computer or phone, so as not to clog the internet and to ensure you get the recording uninterrupted.

Guided Heart Meditation  7 minutes. This meditation uses the breath to strengthen your body and energy field and then sharing this strength and Divine goodness outward to those in need.

Gentle Yoga Class. This 60 minute class starts and ends in a beautiful restorative posture. There is a nice standing thai chi movement, standing balance poses and plenty of gentle stretching.  You will need blankets folded long and narrow.


Chair Yoga Enjoy this 45 minute class in which poses are done in a chair or standing behind a chair. So, you need a chair to participate :) It is a lovely class that is most accessible to everyone.

Morning Yoga Class, 60 minutes. The morning class is a bit more vigorous than an evening class. We start off with sun salutations, move through a series of standing poses before coming down onto the mat with stretching and savasana.

Evening Yoga Class, 70 minutes. This evening class is a great class to wind down after a stressful day and just let go.......

Evening Yoga Class 70 minute recorded June 3

Although these classes are recorded for the use of my current clients, and with teachings that are familiar to my regular clients, I invite all yoga enthusiasts to view and move along with the recordings. If you wish to donate a Love Offering, I have set up the Donate button below which is a secure link through PayPal. Thank You and Namaste.

​​Aqua Yoga Classes


Aqua Yoga classes are held at the American Inn in Mora. The room is nice and warm, with water temp comfortable for moving around in. And for those who enjoy the theraputic benefits of a jucuzzi, there is one waiting for us after our class.

Class time is 10AM on Thursdays. The price is $42 for a six week session payable to instructor. And $5 to American Inn each class. I run sessions (6 classes) back to back most of the time, with a short break over holidays and breaking during the hot summer months. The class size is limited to 10 students. If the session does not meet the 10 maximum, I will encourage drop-ins for $10 each class payable to instructor and $5 each class payable to American Inn. I accept checks, American Inn only takes cash. I also ask that you bring a pool noodle to class.

Classes will be advertised through Newsletters and my Facebook page Yoga4selfhealing, and an Aqua Yoga Email group. If you want to be included on the Aqua Yoga Email group, give me a shout out at

​​Private Yoga Classes


Private Yoga sessions work really well in that the student and teacher can discuss how the student is feeling about their practice and about their vitality in general. I can then make suggestions to enhance their practice and or modifications of poses, breath and meditation. When the student is ready we can design a home practice that fits the student's wants, needs, imbalances and time restraints if any. 

Do I have to take a yoga class to have a private session? NO

​You do not have to take a Yoga class from me or anyone else to be involved in a private session. We can work on what would improve your health, vitality and happiness. Together we can develop poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness and/or meditation to help you bring balance and vitality into your daily life.

The price for this is $40 at my studio in Mora or we can set up a time before a class at one of the class locations. Or I can also come to you pending a fee for driving to your location, if you live outside of Mora.

Call 320-980-3880 or e-mail deb to set up an appointment. 

Class Times and  Locations

The following yoga classes are temporarily canceled until the bans on group gathering are lifted.
Om Shanti 

Isle, MN  The Yoga Connection 250 W. Main 

Monday's 8:30-9:45 AM 

Monday's 10:00-10:45 AM Chair Yoga

Wednesday 2:30-3:40 PM Gentle Yoga

Wednesday 4:00 - 5:15 PM

Ogilvie, MN  St. Kathryn's Parish Center 318 S. Hill

Monday's 5:30-6:45 PM

Mora, MN  Anytime Fitness

Monday's 4-5 PM

Mora, MN  Hwy 23, Kanabec Public Health Building 

Tuesdays 3:15-4:00 PM Gentle Chair Yoga 

Tuesday's 4:30- 5:45 PM

Mora, MN   American Inn, Hwy 65 Frontage Road 

Thursdays 10 AM Aqua Yoga


Deb Newton


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