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Rahbi Crawford Transformational Music

Friday Night November 15

St Kathryn's Parish Ogilvie, MN

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Rahbi (Roberta) Crawford has accepted her calling as a Musical Mystic. (Mystic: A seeker of Spiritual truths).  One of the truths is that to be in balance we must honor our bodies, mind and emotions as well as spirit. Her music addresses all the centers of the brain and nervous system and allows us to change how we feel, providing access to the millions of brain cells that are otherwise dormant.

As a classically trained music teacher and conductor, Rahbi holds two Master Degrees, one in Music Education and another in Choral Conducting.

And coming up soon, we are honored to have her here, in Olgivie, performing her Transformational Music

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The concert starts at 6 PM and costs $20 each at the door. Reduced price of $15 each if you pay in advance. Register by emailing Deb at 


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