• Grounding, First Chakra. Mom learning to ground sets up a stable foundation for children to feel secure and taken care of. This is especially important in the first 9 months, and then adding Love to children up to two years, while the _______ brain is developing.

  • Stretch arms open to 1. begin to relax the childs body 2. open energy centers. Then cross arms in front with a hug. this can be done with child laying on back or sitting or standing infront of mom. 

  • Bicycle pose if child is laying. Butterfly pose if child is sitting. If child is laying moving legs in pedalling motion relaxes the legs and massages the belly to promote good digestion and bowel movements.

  • Foot massage 1. big toe is massaged for peneal gland brain developement. Nice foot massage is comforting and relaxing 3. all the benefits of foot reflexology.

  • Full body massage. Relaxes child and human touch is soooo important for developement.

  • Soft and gentle touch around face and closing third eye chakra to help ralax and help sleep.

  • Mom laying down with child on belly laying back against moms bent legs. Mom can lift up into bridge holding on to childs thighs. or if child is older and can hold head up, with momlaying and bent knees the chaild can be placed belly down on moms shins, legs around moms ankles. Mom holding child at shoulders can begin to lift legs nice and gentle for tummy time and then eventually starting to lift legs so that child is inverted. THis promotes a safe way to get blood to brain and also has energetic effects. 


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