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How I spent my summer vacation

Updated: May 14

I was prompted for a catchy title.......I kind of feel like this Shelter in Place time could have been like a summer vacation for me with ample time to strengthen my own practice, faith and studies. But as it was, most of my summer vacation was spent inconveniently surviving the many challenges of having the covid virus. I did not get tested as there was no testing within a 50 mile radius of me, even now. But I am 100% sure that I had it and still facing the after effects. Why am I 100% sure? Day 1 started off with incredible pain everywhere and particularly in the ribs. I was finding it hard to breath and I could not lay on my back to do my stretches and the fever started. Freezing cold all day. I cancelled all engagements for the week. Also into the first day, my diaphragm seized up. I would try to take a deep breath and my diaphragm would quiver and then just seize up, no expansion. I wrote in my journal for those first couple days "there is a little fear involved". I started taking zinc lozenges and getting good vitamins in my food. And drinking lots and lots of water. I had the guidance of a friend who is a retired nurse. On the third night, after sleeping prone, I was able to roll onto my back without a lot of discomfort and I started to do some mindful breathing. First just finding ease in the breath without even trying to do diaphragmatic breathing. Then once my body relaxed, my mind relaxed, I started breathing a little deeper and fairly soon my diaphragm relaxed and expanded. Hooray. So this was the first four days of my time spent with the virus. At that time, I actually thought I had scored against the virus and was well, but then the high fever kicked in. I am very susceptible to high fevers, I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever when I was 9 or 10 so that they could give me an instant dosage of meds to get my fever down from 104. The high fever was the scariest of all (I kind of feel like the seized up diaphragm part was just testing my knowledge and experience of yoga and breath and I would get through it). The high fever lasted for days and sent me to the depths under all the blankets I had in the house. I still kept hydrated. Lots of water and friends were dropping off electrolytes. I had a good friend who became my healing buddy, we texted numerous times a day. And many other wonderful friends dropping off my needs and wants. I have extreme gratitude for the kindness that exploded! After I got the fever down to a reasonable place through fever reducing cough syrup (that is all I had) then I was able to score some equate which has acetaminophen fever reducer to help keep fever down. A fever is your bodies way of fighting the virus. At this point I started having headaches, especially at night. Thought it was fever induced, but they stayed with me until the last day of fever. And then the tightness of chest and extreme coughing began. Another 4-5 days. See what I mean by 100% sure it was covid. This was not some extreme flu virus. After the high fever left, I was able to go inward and sense the virus. I caught a quick glimpse of it. It was blacker than black and was about the size of my liver but with angular shape, and quickly disappeared when I breathed hope into that space! I was with fever for 16 days and now without fever for about 11 days, I am 100% better but not 100% back to health. The low grade headache is releasing. My bodies resilience is very slow, I kind of thought I would pop right into shape again. I get winded very easily and my tolerance for cold and wind is very low. With this all said, The purpose of this blog is to give some guidelines as to the symptoms of covid. I experienced some symptoms before they came out as symptoms in the news world. And to give you some guidelines as to how to manage some of the symptoms in the scenario that you get covid. Of course everyone's symptoms will be unique to them, but If I can help at all, I am here for you. You can contact me by email and then we can exchange phone numbers to text or talk.

So I have named most of the symptoms I had. Here is a list of things that helped me.

~ Meet your breath where it is at. Finding ease in the breath can calm the respiratory muscles. Panic will keep muscles contracted and agitated. If you can find a place where breathing is regular and fairly smooth, then you can relax the lungs and diaphragm and they may expand a bit more for you.

~ Lie prone, on your belly as much as you can. This will automatically take breath into your back where most of the lung is exposed. Here is a link better describing this

~ Stay Hydrated. Keep drinking water, keeping peeing. Electrolyte drinks helped. If your lungs dry up they become like marsh mellows instead of light fluffy clouds. keep drinking water, through out the night.

~ Use products with acetaminophen for high fever reducer. But do remember that fevers are your bodies way of ridding the virus.

~ Eat anti inflammatory foods. do not eat mucus forming foods.

~ Stretch, arms over your head. Stretch through the side rib cage. Gentle twist. Movement stretches and keeps the muscles flexible.

~ Wash water glasses, toothbrush, pillow cases, ect.. often.

~ Know this is a long illness but one day you will be strolling through the park again.

~ If you are alone, let your friends know so that they can check in with you and drop off things you need. And just be there for support. The more people that pray for healing the more healing that happens not only in you, but all Life.

While I wrote this blog, I took a break and planted potatoes in my garden.

I feel sooooooo blessed!!

The kindness, prayers, love and friendship that surrounded me during this illness is strong enough to create change in the world.

The kindness, prayers, love and friendship that surrounded me during this illness is strong enough to create change in the world.

The kindness, prayers, love and friendship that surrounded me during this illness is strong enough to create change in the world.

I repeated that on purpose.

I am humbled and forever grateful!!



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