Spa Night/Restorative Yoga

Saturday, November 23rd 5 to 7 pm

The Yoga Connection

next to Someday Isle

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Spa Night.

We will begin with a warm washcloth to gentle clean our feet followed by a warm herb infused oil for a self foot massage. Then I will guide you through some self honoring restorative poses. See below for a longer description of the qualities of restorative yoga. We will end the evening together with conversation, warm ginger tea, and a healthy snack. And in every healthy snack, we enjoy a bit of chocolate :)

Pregistration is required. Please contact me at 

Restorative Yoga is like a massage and a good nap all in one. In a restorative Yoga class, all poses will be done with the body passive. Blankets and props will be used to support the student in opening and stretching poses. And all pose are held for 7-10 minutes to really let your body soften and relax into the pose. Our muscles can relearn the relaxation stage and our tissues can release trauma, stress and toxins.

A Restorative class is usually 75-90 minutes long with guidance into the poses for each student's needs. Everyone is different and there will be slight modifications for all students with various body types. I will help you find comfort in each pose. And there is some relaxing music playing in the background to enhance relaxation. 

Restorative yoga can help with chronic muscle tension, arthritis, high blood pressure and coping with today's demanding world to do and to accomplish. In restorative yoga, I ask that you come in, take a passive pose and just allow yourselves to just "be"


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