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Thai Massage

90 minute massage $90 

120 minute massage $120

Call, text or email me to schedule. 

Thai Massage addresses the energy system. In yoga we call this energy, prana. You may have heard of chi, which is similar, in Chinese medicine. Our physical body's have energy pathways, called nadis, similar to veins, that carry and distribute blood. When these energy pathways are blocked, we have dis ease. A Thai massage works to release the blockages or assist your body in releasing blockages for better energy flow. When our prana is flowing, we feel better, our body's systems function better. The massage is done fully clothed, laying on a futon mat. I will start at the feet, you get a nice foot massage :) and then move to legs, arms, back shoulders and belly work if requested. I work your energy lines by compress and release along the lines. I also use assisted (that means I do the work, you are passive) yogic stretches to release blockages and open the energy flow. The time frame is at the least 90 minutes. We may go a bit over if this is your first massage or we are really addressing a certain area. 


My training and certification for Thai Massage is from Tanya Boigenzahn of Devanadi Yoga in Minneapolis. She regularly visits Thialand and learns from the great Thai masters. A Thai  Massage from me will look a lot like a Thai Massage from Thailand. The massage is done fully clothed laying on the floor on a futon mat. 

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