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   Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing modality aimed to aide and enhance the energy flow in the client's body, thus clearing the mind and spirit. When we have pain, tension, tightness and fear, there is stagnant energy. With Thai massage the client, with the guidance of the practitioner, releases this stagnant energy allowing for their own healing energy to flow unimpeded throughout the body. With this enhanced energy flow, the body is happy with more vitality, the mind is calm, and the spirit joyful!!

  The session is done with client laying or sitting on a futon fully clothed. The practitioner works the Sen Lines (energy pathways or commonly called meridians in Chinese medicine and nadis in Ayurveda) by a walking along  lines with a gentle pressure along the lines and holding pressure along Acupressure points. Then, while the client is totally passive, the body worker will guide the client into a series of hatha yoga poses to soften and lengthen muscles and open joints. With the client passive and the muscles relaxed, the body can open and lengthen quite nicely.

​​Right now I am pretty open for appointments Tuesday through Saturday. No evenings.

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$90 for 90 minutes


   A session lasts approximately 90 minutes, but sometimes can go over if the client is able. The rate for the session is $90. There may be a travel fee involved if I provide the bodywork in a private home or at a studio away from my studio. My studio is located at 318 Forest Ave. W., Mora Minnesota.


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