Virtual Classes

I host and teach 4 virtual classes a week. These classes are perfect for those who wish to do yoga at home, or are not able to attend in-studio classes. And perfect for those who want to try a yoga class but are a bit intimidated to walk into an in-studio class with others. You can do the classes in the privacy of your own home. A yogini once said to me about her first virtual experience "I was in my own living room, with the sun shining in on me and was able to really become intimate with my practice without having to worry about how everyone else was doing the pose"

Virtual Classes conferenced through Free Conference Call

Please download the app from the link below and use drumming4superfun as the Meeting ID and then just join at the appropriate time. This website is not interactive, meaning you do not have to pay and then get access to class. Just download the app, use drumming4superfun as meeting ID (you should have to do that only once, unless you use FCC for other virtual classes), and then open the app when it is time for your favorite Yoga class.

Sunday Night Yoga Nidra

Sunday Evenings

8 PM 

40 minute class

$8 per class

In this class, I will suggest a comfortable restorative position for your comfort and then I will guide you through a practice of Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation. But as always, you are encouraged to take whatever comfortable position you like for the practice. The practice of Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation to reset the muscles of the body, the conscious, and the subconscious mind. This will aid with chronic pain, anxiety, restless sleep and deep thought patterning. 

Monday AM Hatha Yoga

Monday Mornings

10:30 AM

75 minute class

$10 per class

This hatha yoga class starts off with a 4 minute teaching on the philosophy of yoga. I have a set of cards that I pull from each week. Then we move into some mindfulness and linked breathing to physical movement. The class is available to all levels. And if you have some restrictions or concerns, I am happy to talk to you before the class. We will end class with a ten minute savasana with guided meditation. 

Wednesday Afternoon Hatha Yoga

Wednesday Afternoons

4:15 PM

75 minute class

$10 per class

 We will start the class with a few minutes to come onto our mats, both physically and mentally. Then we will move into linked breathing to physical movement to warm up and further our connection to our practice. Be ready for standing poses, seated poses and poses done supine. It would be nice to have a block handy for some of the postures. Then we will end with a 10 minute savasana and short meditation. 

Friday Chair Yoga Class

Friday mornings

10:30 AM

45 minute class

$5 per class

Chair Yoga class is a great class for those who wish to do yoga seated in a chair and standing postures with the aid of a chair. It is incredible what we can do in this class without having to get down on the floor. Most poses in yoga can be oriented to your positioning to gravity. I have enjoyed modifying poses to reflect the physical and the energetics of each posture. We begin with mindfulness and end with guided relaxation.