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In Studio Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Monday Afternoons in Ogilvie

  •  Hatha Yoga: 4:45 - 6 pm

        Place: St. Kathryn's Parish Center

           318 S. Hill St.



Tuesday Morning Aqua Yoga Mora

  • Aqua Yoga 10:00 - 10:45  

       Place: American Inn in Mora

       Bring: Hefty Pool Noodle & Towel

  * New session starts Jan. 3rd

Thursday Mornings in Wahkon

  • Hatha Yoga 10:00 - 11:10 AM

      Place: Sacred Heart Church 

                  225 E. Second St.


Guidelines for In-Studio Classes​:

  • Bring your own mats and blocks. Blocks can be purchased at stores or online at       I highly suggest having 2 blocks that are 4" wide.

  • When covid came around I found locations to have classes that were big enough to accommodate physical distancing between mats. So please be mindful of this when approaching others and finding a place to set your mat.

  • And most important- if you feel sick, stay home. If there is any chance at all that you have been around anyone exposed to covid, stay home. I am offering online and recorded classes you can attend, if you have to miss a class. And in the same respect, if I feel sick or I get exposed to someone with covid, I will stay home. I have put much effort, lighting and sound in my studio space at home to have quality classes online, so if need be we do the class remotely. 

Hatha Yoga Class cost:

$54 for a six week session or $12 drop-in.

Six week sessions are held back to back. 

If you have to miss a class you can make it up on a zoom class. See Virtual Classes

If you cannot make all six classes of a session you can weigh the alternative to drop-in price. 

 Aqua Yoga Class Cost:

$48 for a six week session or $10 drop-in payable to instructor. If you have to miss a class or two, you might want to pay the drop-in rate. Sessions will run back to back. And there is also a $10 per swim fee that you need to pay American Inn each week. 


Private Classes make great gifts!

Private classes can be held in your home, in my studio in my home or we can do them virtually. You do not have to have any experience doing yoga at all. I would love to guide you to better physical and mental health through mindfulness, physical stretches and postures, and/or meditation. The fee for a private class is $45 a class and usually last 60-75 minutes. 

Here's what a private session might

look like with me.

  • If you have specific needs, or wish to work on specific poses, we can talk about them and then I can give you guidance as to postures or practices to help with those needs. I can also write out the practices if you wish and get them to you.

  • If you would like to build a home practice, we will bring in poses you enjoy and poses that maybe you are intimidated by, and build a practice designed specifically for you. 

  • Maybe you are wanting to start up a meditation practice.....I would love to give you practices and guidance. 

  • Beginners often use private classes to prep themselves before coming to a group class. 

  • Maybe you and your partner or the entire family want private classes. For this I would want to come to your home and we can meet weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, ect. I have had clients that as partners, wanted me to come to their home and guide them thru a restorative class twice a month. It is a way for them to connect and slow down in the comfort of their own home. :)

  • Somatic stretches used as a daily routine tone our muscles. Toning muscles allows muscles to engage fully when needed and then to be able to relax the muscles back to their nice supple long length. Most chronic muscle pain is from the muscles inability to fully relax. This happens with trauma, repetitive movement and muscle memory from being in a position for a long period of time. In a private session I can give you daily stretches for muscle tone, Somatic movements.

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